Quiet Title

Why do I need a Quiet Title?

Quieting the title to your tax deed saves you from having to sit for four (4) years waiting for someone to challenge your title (being unable to make improvements without risk, unable to use equity of the property to purchase more properties, unable to sell it via Warranty Deed, and unable to get the highest and best resale value).
With Tax Deeds, filing quickly and before you spend any money fixing up the property is essential in making the biggest gain and reducing potential losses.
Tax Deeds aren’t the only reason you may need to quit the title. If there are missed mortgage satisfactions, wild deeds or wild mortgages (title fraud), or title errors in the history, you’ll need quiet title litigation to remove those challenges.
We know that time is of the essence when it comes to Quiet Title Actions, so we file your case within 5 business days of being retained.

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