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Business Systems Audit Session

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re constantly getting interrupted by your team with
    questions like “How do I …?”
  •  You don’t have anything in writing for how your products or
    services are made and delivered
  • Your sales are inconsistent, depending greatly on who is speaking with prospective clients
  • You are constantly re-working jobs
  • You’re getting customer complaints on quality, communication, and delivery
  • Onboarding a new team member is taking too long for what you need
  • You’re constantly interrupted when you’re supposed to be on vacation
  • You know your team could work more efficiently, but don’t know what steps to take
  • You’ve got bottlenecks in your process that are keeping you from accepting more work
  • You’re having a hard time retaining employees
  • When an employee leaves, all of the knowledge of the role leaves with them, forcing you to go to square one

If this sounds like you,

you’d benefit greatly by scheduling and showing up
ready to take action at our Business Systems Audit Session™

At the Business Systems Audit Session™ our systems expert examines your current Business Systems on the one essential organ of your business that is causing trouble:

  1. Sales
  2. Team/employees
  3. Processes (product/service line issues)

to identify if there is a blockage with the owners’ goals and business operations. If there is a diagnosis that the Systems in place are blocking fuel to the other essential organs of your business, business owners receive a custom-tailored prescription for effective business systems we call
Tactical Systems Solutions™.


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