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Business Success Audit Session

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to start a business but don’t know how to protect your personal assets from lawsuits relating to business activity
  • You aren’t sure what tax structure would best fit your business
  •  You have an eager business partner but don’t want to rush into business with them without understanding the legal and
    practical consequences of partnership
  • You’ve previously started a business, but failed to get it off the
  • You’ve had your business a few years, you’re stuck at the same
    revenue no matter how hard you work, and you want to GROW
  • You want access to small business capital and loans, but have
    been told you need to have your “paperwork” in order before
    they’ll take you seriously
  • You aren’t sure how to tie your marketing, sales, and services to your business financial goals
  • You’ve had a great business idea for years but have not taken
    action because you don’t know where to start
  • You started by taking in any business that “walked through the
    door” to pay the bills, but now you want to be able to work only with ideal clients

If this sounds like you,

you’d benefit greatly by scheduling and showing up ready to take action at our Business Success Audit Session™.

At the Business Success Audit Session™ our attorney Examines your current planning on the seven essential organs of every business and verifies alignment of those plans with the business owner(s)’ goals. If there is a misalignment diagnosis, business owners receive a custom-tailored prescription for business success we call the Business Wealth Power Plan.

Because we are professional advisors who work closely with our client’s confidential and sensitive information. We only work with business owners and families who are serious about taking action that will protect their legacy. The firm only accepts a limited number of clients a month for these in-depth sessions


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