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Business Legacy Audit Session

our attorney examines your current business agreements and tax structure to Diagnose business health problems that are preventing you, the Owner, from stepping out of your business. At the end of the session, business Owners receive a custom-tailored business Legacy prescription we call the Hands-Off CEO Legacy Plan

Business Success Audit Session

our attorney Examines your current planning on the seven essential organs of every business and verifies alignment of those plans with the business owner(s)’ goals. If there is a misalignment diagnosis, business owners receive a custom-tailored prescription for business success we call the Business Wealth Power Plan

Business Systems Audit Session

Our systems expert examines your current Business Systems on the one essential system in your business that is causing trouble: 1)sales, 2) team/employees, or 3) processes (product/service line issues) to identify if there is a conflict between your goals and your business operations. If there is a diagnosis that the Systems in place are blocking fuel to the other essential organs of your business, business owners receive a custom-tailored prescription for effective business systems we call Tactical Systems Solutions.


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