Tax Deeds – Bad v. Ugly Liens

Before you saddle up to make that winning bid at the Tax Deed auction (Florida), have you double checked that you’re calculating the cost of paying off liens that survive the tax deed sale? 

If you’ve read my book, Tax Deeds: How to Become and Stay Wealthy by Mastering liens possession and marketability, you know there are good liens, bad liens, and ugly Liens. Planning for those liens and calculating your bid based on those liens will protect your investment funds, and save your sanity.
Today’s video covers some of the common bad liens and how they differ from the ugly liens.

If you’ve made a winning bid at a Florida tax deed auction and need an attorney to quiet your title (making sure you get top dollar for your sale), email LegalAdmin@lcolawfl.com or call us at 813-480-2106.

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