What did Khloe Kardashian and her Attorney Get Wrong?

Khloe Kardashian says she has it in her Will that her nails are to be done weekly if she’s in a coma… Where did she go wrong?

A Will is just a piece of what goes into proper Estate Planning. Yet, it’s important to note that a Will ONLY goes into effect when you pass away.

While the middle Kardashian is a step ahead of 60% of average Americans by just HAVING a Will, her attorney failed to educate her on a proper way to ensure that she’s taken care of during her lifetime.

Khloe’s request for nail care simply won’t work in a Will unless she wants to be dug up weekly to have her nails re-painted by the cemetery groundskeepers.

This is why, at LCO Law, we devote a lot of time on educating our clients about the proper steps to take to make sure that, what they want to happen in life AND death, happens.

If you don’t want the wrong things to happen to you, click the button below to schedule your free 15 minute Discovery Call, to see if you qualify to have a complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session with our Attorney. At the FWPS, you’ll learn how to prevent ineffective planning, like Khloe’s!

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