When you set up a trust for your children or other less mature beneficiaries, it may be beneficial to consider appointing a corporate trustee or co-trustee to assist with long term asset management, tax filings, and neutral distribution of benefits to your loved ones.

For example, Bank of America offers professional trustee services.  Their client-focused team of experienced fiduciary professionals simplifies the complexities of managing trusts and settling estates. A senior team of fiduciary professionals provides oversight on fiduciary matters and serves as a valuable resource providing expertise across their company. These fiduciary professionals monitor changing statutes, regulations and case law, provide thought leadership and are available to provide a balanced and practical approach to any particularly complex issues that arise in connection with the trusts and estates they administer. 

Drawing on extensive technical knowledge, a bank team can provide continuity and guidance in a constantly evolving trust and estates environment—serving as a cornerstone in maintaining the bank’s high fiduciary standards. They can bring you substantial trust expertise and knowledge in trust, tax and legislative considerations. 

When there is a lang corporate trustee involved,  they can use forward-looking guidance from their Chief Investment Offices in establishing strategic and tactical asset allocation strategy and a rigorous due diligence process in selecting investment strategies. This disciplined process allows for flexibility and innovation while maintaining prudent oversight.  

When our clients ask about professional trustee services, we introduce them to trusted professional advisors who will work closely with them to accomplish long term asset management that they and their families can rely on.

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