A report by MetrixGlobal LLC found coaching clients received a $7.90 return for every $1.00 they invested. 

The ICF’s 2009 Global Coaching Client Study found “19 percent of those studied indicated a measured ROI of at least 5,000 percent.”  

The Personnel Management Association discovered “executives who received both coaching and training were able to increase their productivity by 86 percent compared to a 22 percent increase in productivity by executives who received training alone.” The same study reported 61 percent of owners felt an increase in job satisfaction, while 67 percent felt coaching increased their teamwork skills. 

If you were sold a stock that offered you 790% growth, would you tell yourself you couldn’t afford to buy it? Of course not.

When you tell yourself you cannot afford business coaching, you are denying your business the ability to experience that growth. You are also telling youself that you don’t feel worthy of that growth. 

Here is what you can experience with our REAL-PRO Business Coaching Services:

1. A clear business Vision and Goals

2. Development of a Business Plan that serves as a map to get you to your Goal

3. Improve your Leadership Skills – learn to delegate and hold accountable, once and for all

4. Improve efficiency in the production and delivery of your products and services

5. Get comfortable with your metrics – making sure marketing, sales, pricing, and costs of production all align with your profitability and growth goals

6. Learn to hire Strategically and with less Turnover

7. Hold you accountable to your Goals!

To schedule your discovery call today, email LegalAdmin@lcolawfl.com or call 813-480-2309.

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