We get calls like this multiple times a week “I am so ready to be a wholesaler because I don’t have a lot of money” or “I want to go into wholesaling because it’s easy.”   

We’re going to be real frank with you, if this is your mindset, you’re not ready to wholesale. Running a SUCCESSFUL business takes preparation, mindset, support (emotional, financial, social), investment, and strategy.   

Business owners look at the return on investment on anything they do in their business (return on time, reputation, and money). Hobbyists look at expenses like a sunk cost. If you’re not willing to prepare by investing your time, money, and reputation in a plan, a strategy, and a goal (each of which have legal repercussions), then you’re not ready to wholesale. You’re not ready to run a lemonade stand.  

Watch this video to learn what separates successful wholesalers from hobbyists, and then ask yourself… which do I want to be?  

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