Title Defect Attorney in Tampa

Title Defects – Error in the legal, missed liens, reforeclosure

Title Defects are also known as clouds to title. Common legal description defects include typographical errors such as wrong lot numbers, missed calls in metes and bounds descriptions, and wrong counties. Other title defects involve mortgages that were paid off but who failed to record satisfactions or releases, typographical errors in the name of the mortgagor, mortgagee, or the legal description within the mortgage, or recordings in the wrong counties, and missed junior liens in foreclosure actions. To resolve these matters an attorney would file a re-foreclosure action, a quiet title, an action for declaratory relief or other similar proceeding to notify those who created the cloud that a correction must be made or that their claimed interest is being challenged. Call LCO Law for an assessment of how best to take care of those title defects impacting your investment property.

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