Unlawful Detainer, Gaining Possession when there is no Landlord Tenant Relationship

You’ve purchased a great new investment property, but there is someone in the property that should not be there. How do you get rid of them, legally? If you do not have a tenancy agreement with the person in your property, then do not file an action for eviction. It will be considered improper, and even possibly fraudulent, in the eyes of the courts. When a person refuses to leave your property and has never agreed to pay rent with you or your agents, you may need to remove them via an action for Unlawful Detainer. This type of proceeding provides a relatively fast means by which to receive a Writ of Possession. If you need to get rid of someone or a business occupying your investment property that has never entered into a landlord tenant relationship with you, call or email one of our attorneys at LCO Law LLC. We can help you get possession quickly so that you can focus on your business.

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