The # 1 Reason Property is Sold at Tax Deed Foreclosures

Tax Deed Foreclosure

The number one reason that property goes to tax deed sale is debt, but this is more complex than you think. What happens is somebody owned property under their name and they didn’t had a estate plan in place, maybe they had a will which isn’t a plan because it only tells the judge how to do probate administration but it doesn’t avoid probate and what happens is must of the families even if they have all the requirements cannot afford probate or they doesn’t agreed on how they are going to do the probate. 

So after years of this taking place, well the county is not going to sit there and wait for taxes to paid, so they open it up for investors who buy tax certificates and after a few years of holding these tax certificates those real estate investors can petition the clerks of court  of the counties here in Florida to hold a tax deed auction, that means to action the property and anyone can participate in this actions and become the owner of the property. 

The real question is do you want this happing to your family? Forcing them to probate just because you didn’t do an estate plan or because you thought a simple will could take care of it? 

No! So to have the conversation about how to effectively keep your real estate out of court probate and out of conflict with your family click the button below to schedule your discovery call.

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