Post Sale Attorney in Tampa

Post Sale- Writs of Possession, Easement

After you acquire your Certificate of Title or Tax Deed from the Clerk of Court, you may find that the prior owners or prior tenants refuse to give you possession of your new property. Contact us quickly so that we file for a writ of possession. It is important that you do not waive your rights to possession of the property by entering into any oral or written agreements with those individuals who are refusing to leave. Always call an real estate attorney before agreeing to anything which may impact your rights as owner.

Sometimes you will buy foreclosed property and later discover that it was landlocked, or buy with the knowledge that your parcel is landlocked. The most common easement filings are implied easements, which arise from common prior ownership, and easement by way of necessity, where there is no prior common ownership that can be found but the Florida Statutes have created special occasions where the creation of easements is favored, and the courts will grant access through one of the neighboring parcels. Contact us so that we can assist you in filing for easement access rights.

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